Amusing applet (art)

Amusing applet is an unusual group of applets designed to amuse (or maybe calm or relax) the user, or to express some mood.

Plant your tree (click on the applet for another tree)
The applet to play Moku (TicTacToe), a game that usually only children play

While they interact with the user, amusing applets seem different from computer games as they do not have an obvious goal to reach. They are also not an advertisement applets as they usually do not carry any ad payload. They also seem a different from simple web site decorations or animations, and they are not technical applets as they carry no technical function. Finally they are not educational applets and do not teach any complex concepts. They are simply pieces of art like paintings, just the author uses Java code rather than paper and pencil to express her feelings.

Most of such applets seem coming from Japan. The tree applet used in this article is part of the big gallery of such "code paintings", located at [1]. Another gallery that more focuses on image modifications can be found at [2].


  1. 1 WakuWaku website of very diverse amusing applets
  2. 2 Amusing applets based on interactive image processing