The Past has been a topic for impressive paintings
The Past has been a topic for impressive paintings
We are sorry to say that the old Ultrastudio.org that you likely used to know (as you have landed to this page) does not exist anymore. The domain was abandoned. Later it was sold and is now used for the edge Free Software technology project to build Free online encyclopedia with interactive content.

As moving ahead with our project, we have discovered some strange 404 errors, pointing to the files with programas/ultramixNN.html pattern, likely remnants of the past. This page services these errors. Same as others, it is user editable; if you want to tell us about the past history of the domain, feel free to add this information here.

We however like music also, and the Creative Commons philosophy is applicable to musical works no worse that to software programs. Programmers know source code, computers and mobile phones, and at the end binaries for the end user. Musicians know notes and chords, drums and guitars and the sound tracks for the end listener. Hence we think we can at least place some links here.

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If you offer your own music under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license, or simply know a good site, feel free to append your address here as well.

Ultrastudio.org team.