This project provides a powerful barcode generator. It can output barcodes in a number of formats and is used in the article about barcodes. It is a very successful and greatly implemented piece of code that in 2007 has won the Project of the Month award in SourceForge.

The user can enter arbitrary text to encode and can also change the barcode while the applet is running. However the initial message and the initial barcode can also be set through the applet parameters:

  • barcode - the name of the barcode, as it appears in the barcode selection drop down box.
  • sample - the sample to encode in the format of this barcode.

If the applet can convert the given sample into barcode, it displays the barcode. If the sample cannot be displayed using the selected barcode (invalid character or unsupported number of characters in the message), the two crossed diagonal lines (red) are shown instead.

The core of this applet belongs to the Barcorde4J project, hosted at under Apache license. It was written mostly by Jeremias Maerki but there are more developers, please check the SourceForge pages:

  • Jeremias Märki
  • Adam Jack
  • Nick Chalko
  • Glen Stampoultzis
  • Nathaniel G. Auvil
  • Nicola Ken Barozzi

We have made some changes to applet, and we have removed unused parts as it is important to minimize the download time.

The original Barcode4J project is more written for the server side use, or as a library to desktop and embedded software. However it is also possible to use it as an applet and this is that we are currently doing.

The project team has been notified that the applet is used in and responded with approval.