This applet demonstrates several algorithms to search the graph.


The first iteration demonstrates:

Graph editing

The applet provides default graph where the goal node is shown as "F" and the start node is always closest to the top left corner. It is possible to edit the graph:

  • mouse drag between two nodes or placeholders creates the two connected nodes,
  • right mouse click on the node sets it as a goal node
  • left mouse click on the node discards its all connections.

The default graph is currently hard coded.


The applet accepts one numeric parameter, algorithm, that sets the index of the default algorithm, preselected in the drop down combo box. This allows to use the applet in several articles, dedicated to the different algorithms.

Standalone executable

There is also standalone executable of this program (Image:dijkstra 1 9.jar). The source code is embedded directly into archive of this executable.


The source code of this demonstrator, that is written and owned by team is available under GPL v 3 license.