Royal Mail Customer Barcode

This applet converts user input into Royal Mail Customer Barcode or shows red crossing lines if this is not possible

Royal Mail Customer Barcode (also known as RM4SCC) is a barcode, used by British Royal Mail. It enables UK postcodes as well as Delivery Point Suffixes (DPSs) to be read by a machine at high speed.

The the barcode consists of a start character, the postcode, the Delivery Point Suffix (DPS), a checksum character, and a stop character. Valid characters are 0-9 and A-Z. Start and stop characters are: ( [ ] ) (they are added automatically as necessary)

Royal Mail offers significant (10 %) discounts for letters, labelled with machine readable Royal Mail Customer Barcode[1]

There are strict guidelines governing usage of these barcodes, which allow for maximum readability by machines.


  1. 1 Cleanmail offer from Royal Mail