School tasks

This page provides a free service to generate a task sheet for learning basic arithmetic in the boundaries of 100. Children need to learn this kind of mathematics at the age of about 8. Unlike many other tools in this site, the school task service does not require any client side Java to run. As soon a you follow one of the links below, you will get the ready to print task sheet, with increased font and no additional text.

Simple usage

The server can generate for you the following task sheets:

Arithmetics in the boundaries of 100

  • Mix of all tasks - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in more or less equal proportions.
  • Addition, a + b = - both values are picked so that the sum never exceeds 99.
  • Subraction, a - b = - both values are picked so that a > b and a never exceeds 99.
  • Easier subtraction, a - b = - both values are picked so that a > b and b is below 20.
  • Multiply, a x b = - both values are picked so that the product never exceeds 81 (9 x 9). Multiplication by one is never given - too easy.
  • Divide, a / b = - values are picked so that it is possible to divide a to b without residue, a < 81.
  • Divide by two - divide by two the number from 2 to 98. The number is picked so that it divides without residue.
  • Work as teacher - mix of all tasks that are solved, but 30 % of solutions are wrong (the task is to identify the incorrect solutions).

Advancing into the boundaries of 1000

  • Simple 100 - addition, when one value is the rounded hundreds (100, 200, etc) and another is a random value 1 to 999.
  • Make 1000 - addition, when only one value is given and the sum is always 1000 (the task is to find another value).

For addition and subtraction, the code occasionally generates a short logical sequences (10+11, 10+12, 10+13, for instance). Such logical sequences are common in tests; it is necessary to recognize them and compute faster than the same number of isolated expressions.

Inside the boundaries of 1000

You can also bookmark these links directly. As soon as you refresh the page on your browser, the server provides a new randomly generated task sheet. You can freely use the generated sheets for any purpose, commercial or non commercial.

Complex usage (by URL)

You can customize the output in wider boundaries by providing your own URL with parameters. The operations themselves are mix, plus, minus (easy), minus-x (regular), div, halb (/2), plus100 (rounded hundreds) and make1000. Additional parameter n controls the number of tasks per sheet and additional parameter t switches into teacher ("find errors") mode. The value of t sets the percent of expressions containing errors. For instance, to generate 80 mixed expressions for "teacher" tasks with 20 % of them containing intentional errors, just visit

Or, to generate 20 multiplication tasks:

If you not want random altering of which value is unknown, you can turn this feature off with the q parameter, for instance

Usage by URL is convenient when the service is integrated into some other site, using JavaScript or maybe just plain HTML.

Giving back

We would like to ask to link this page from your website so others could find it, but this is not a mandatory requirement.

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