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This Mandelbrot set viewer can be launched in page by clicking on Start or on its own by clicking on Alone offers two ways to launch the visualizations: as applet (by clicking Start or directly on the screen shot) or as a Web Start application (by downloading and opening short Web start file that is under Alone link.

Java Web start is a newer technology that does not depend that much on the policies, taken by the browser developer team. As long as Java is installed (it surely must be installed before you can run these links), the browser can download and open an short text file that is capable of downloading and launching the visualization on its own. Unlike applets that are always part of the web page, Web start applications always run in they own frame. This allows to move them freely around desktop or run next to some other learning material, not just pages. Both applets and Web start offer the same level of security, running in a highly restricted sandbox.


Java Web Start offers one we think revolutionary change: now it is possible and actually very easy to integrate our applets into any online learning material:

  • Find the interesting applet you want to reuse.
  • Copy the link under the word Alone (most of browsers can easily do this).
  • Paste the link into your page - and the visualization is now part of your project! For instance, the Mandelbrot viewer on the right is startable by following the link: .
  • Mention the source of the integrated visualization somewhere in your page, do not forgetting previous authors that are under the link in the applet header.

The applet will launch exactly as you see it. If some parameters are passed, our launcher will take care about this. The version also will stay the same, even after we put a different newer version to our site. Hence you can test, review the application (source code is available!) and then be sure that this is exactly that will run. The URL will stay the same length regardless of how many and how long parameters are required. Launching with Web start is an additional challenge for the applet code that is sometimes very old. We are not aware about any issues but surely please check if it works for you.

The typical usage pattern could be your educational site (for instance, based on Moodle) where just our Web Start link is included, with credits to original contributor somewhere in the bottom.

If you need a different default size or different applet parameters, you can create your version in your user page on . You can insert there any applets how do you want and then copy the startup link - it will be supported.

We hope that this extension will contribute to the success of both yours and our projects.