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If you do not find an answer to your question here, please contact us using [email protected]

[QUESTION] How could I contact you?
[ANSWER] Best, send E-mail to the address above. You can also write (Unterdorfwaeg 30, CH-8117, Faellanden, Switzerland). Bug reports and new cool ideas welcome!

[QUESTION] Why cannot I chat with my opponents, blog or at least choose an arbitrary user name?
[ANSWER] We try to protect and attract users who see these social features as drawbacks rather than something positive. The account if for competition only, only your device can login, there is no other way to access it.

[QUESTION] Do flower images represent the real plant species?
[ANSWER] Yes, they do. The flower images are derived from real world photos, taken mostly in Swiss mountains, also some in Iceland.

[QUESTION] I need to make or receive a phone call, how to suspend the game?
[ANSWER] The game pauses automatically if you press a suspend button of your the phone or bring any other application to front. You can do this multiple times even during competition.

[QUESTION] Is the game playable without Internet connection?
[ANSWER] Yes, the game remains fully playable, just the competitor cannot be fetched from the server. You will compete with some known competitor that has been fetched before. If you do not have Internet connection at the end of your first game, the app tries to fetch the competitor after each level during the following games, till succeeds.

[QUESTION] I see two identical big flowers in some levels that collapse at the same time. Is it a bug?
[ANSWER] No, it is a rule of the game. In some levels the leader has a shadow that collapses as soon as the leader does.