Privacy & Legal
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The Ironfence game is a commercial application so the usual common rules and restrictions apply. You can download from the legal App store, install, play and make strictly personal backups.

You can republish unmodified screen shots or short videos  of this app under Creative Commons Attribution required license as long as they do not contain insects or caterpillars of any kind (these are third party media). This does not apply to the app itself! Please attribute the home page of this website.


Your general statistics and play performance over game is considered public and will be shown to the competitor before the game. Also, each player has the numeric user id (not tied to any properties, data or location of your device) that is visible for both you and the competitor. The app does not provide any other kind of communication between the players. They cannot select themselves against which other player to compete.

We do not collect or share anything else about you or your device.