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Art, as much as the game


The ideas of the IronFence game were thought in times when ASCII art was required to render the scene, and deemed unrealistic at that time. Finally brought to the new life by using edge features of the graphic accelerated mobile devices with near photo resolution and accelerometer, these ideas are simply unrecognizable. IronFence is also part of the moder web, allowing to play people with each other.

Numerous photos of the real world flowers and also everything that may look like a background have been shot all over the world, making the App a sample of the photographic art as much as computer game.

The rules of this game are actually simple, and you may just discover the things as you try. However if you need some tips that help to win, or are unsure about the goals of the game, we have prepared the detailed written rules. Alternatively, the annotated video also explains enough to play.

The app is available at all three major stores (Google Play, Amazon, SlideMe). To download, click on they logos at the top of the page.